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Introducing the Google Chrome OS

Buy Aleram Without Prescription, The Google Chrome OS team has a produced a new Common Craft style video that gives an overview of the new Google Chrome OS is 3 minutes.

Opensource Google Chrome OS

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Google Chrome OS Blog
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  1. That is impressive and sary. Having been an IT consultant for 6 years and working in IT for over 13 years now it’s a little frightening to think that all my data would be stored in Google’s system. How much information would that allow for them to mine and be able to use to their advantage? Anything stored on their system is owned by them and people don’t think about that when they use their tools. It’s much like all the posts on Facebook are owned by Facebook not the users. People thought Microsoft was bad but they haven’t see anything yet. Google has access to way too much information and people are naively just giving it to them.

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