Our Team

Iworks Solutions Team

Being unique is what we're all about at Iworks Solutions, Inc. You'll never seen anything of the norm here, from our designs to our planning to our business model.

Above all we offer a unique business model that you will benefit from the most.

How unique is our model? Well, we only have senior-level IT developers, programmers and designers who will work on your business but at competitive rates. This means you’ll receive high quality service (the best frankly!) for a fraction of what it will cost elsewhere. We think this, coupled with our experience, is really what sets us apart and makes us so attractive.

Our team is lead by Ray Silverio, Founder/Chief Architect of Iworks Solution, Inc., and our senior-level professional team members are strategically located throughout the United States to meet your demands.

Your account will never be handed off or served by junior professionals, simply because we don’t have any. Everyone who touches your business at Iworks Solutions, Inc. has a minimum of 10 years of experience. Collectively, the Iworks Solutions team brings over 35+ years experience to your project.