Digital & Streaming Media

Digital media lifestyle is changing the way the world does business and communicates.  Frankly, we are in a communications revolution.  The first of its kind in 500 years.  With this, your end users want their content at their convenience on their digital device of choice.  But you don’t necessarily have the proper expertise or the infrastructure to meet the demands in creating and delivering it for them.

With multiple solutions that solve different pieces of the digital media puzzle, finding the right solution can be confusing and get costly.  Let Iworks Solutions, Inc. simplify the complexity.

Digital Media Services include:

  • Media Conversion
  • Media Hosting & Archiving
    • Any form of media (ie. mp3, Windows Media, Flash, Quicktime, mpeg, etc..) at any size, big or small, we can accommodate your hosting needs.  From one-time hosting to long term archival, we can deliver competitive pricing to fit your budget.
  • Media Delivery (through our own MyMediaStudio platform)
    • MyMediaStudio allows clients such as video editors, PR Agencies, and TV & Radio Stations to stream and deliver any media format to upload/download, preview, share, collaborate and edit in a secured environment
    • Built on Flex framework
    • Every media is automatically indexed for faster queries
    • Long-term secured hosting for archival

Streaming Media Services include:

  • Live Webcast Events
    • Video webcasts deliver your message to an audience in a memorable and engaging way, strengthening your customer relationships.  The effective use of video can raise the profile of your business experts and give your customers more timely and personalized interactions with your company.
    • Iworks’ video production teams are dedicated to creating video that supports your brand and messaging.  Our range of video techniques lets us create professional yet unique video webcasts within your budget.  We work in a studio or on location to create the most effective video production for your marketing campaigns.
    • Full-service studio located in mid-town Manhattan has everything you need for a successful webcast event.
  • Podcasts
  • Video on Demand
  • Webisode Hosting
Iworks Solutions, Inc. can be your single resource for your digital & media solutions!  Call us today for a quote!